Speaking of conservatism and commitment to the traditions, I think most of you will immediately remember the “merry old England”. Whatever sphere of society it concerns, English are always less vulnerable to an outside influence, and traditional English interior is no exception. It is still slightly aristocratic, elegant and “gentlemanly” discreet.

The basis of any classic House Design Native Style are three things: bookcase or rack, fireplace and special fireplace chair. An armchair is usually upholstered in velvet, chenille or leather, has a high back and bent legs.

An integral part of decoration in the English interior is a redwood. This elegant and expensive wood is a distinctive feature, used both in the manufacture of furniture and during interior decoration (for example, decorative wall panels, cornices and plinth).

The solid walls are usually decorated with tapestries or paintings or in small floral pattern or stripe. You should pay special attention to the windows: lush curtains, composed of several parts — blackout curtains, veil and lambrequin, decorated with volumetric drapery and laces.
Traditional colors of English style are brown, gray, olive and white.

When introducing the brighter colors, such as red and yellow, it is desirable to choose their warm shades that are in harmony with each other.

Many people will find English interior too reserved and gloomy, but not the fans of classic. If you prefer conservative comfort and rich decor, lead a slow and quiet way of life and like to drink a cup of tea and read a book sitting by the fire in the evenings, this is definitely your style.