Roof is an indispensable part of every function. Functionally, it serves as a protection against bad weather, and aesthetically, it is involved in the creation of design and makes the building look completed. We can highlight 2 types of the roof: pitched and flat. At that, the latter provide an opportunity to diversify the exterior.

Recently, the flat roofs have been used in individual housing. The main advantage of House Design Shed Roof solution is economic benefit, as the area of the flat roof is less than that of the pitched one, which reduces the consumption of materials. The technical advantages and ease of maintenance are no less important. Moreover, it is much easier to place the air-conditioners, solar panels and other heavy equipment on the flat roof. At that, the house facade won’t be overburdened with the industrial details.

Flat roofs match different styles of interior. They look best in combination with the modern design directions, such as high-tech, modern and minimalism. Creating the exterior, you must focus on the clear lines and simple forms. But there is no need to take this advice, as the original ideas will allow you to create the unique design.

As the flat-roof buildings are mainly simple, the design of the plot must be fully compatible. It is undesirable to place the fussy fountains and lamps in the historical styles (such as baroque or rococo) on the surrounding area.
Unskillful combination of antiquity and modernity can lead to the inconsistency and ruin the whole picture.

If you still don’t intend to refuse from the object you like, choose the color range, characteristic for minimalism. The shades of beige, sandy, as well as the neutral black and white tones will be optimal. Chrome-plated elements, such as stair railing, lighting appliances and garden furniture will be also suitable. Hidden lamps, often used for external lighting of minimalistic houses, are optimal for the flat-roof buildings.

The use of details from natural or artificial stone or plastic would be the nice touch. Stone staircases will turn every house into a work of art. They are resistant to the temperature changes and have an indefinite period of exploitation. Arranging the terrace, you can use the natural wood board.

To make your exterior look integral and create a uniform picture, you should keep the design of all buildings in one House Design Shed Roof style (whether a garage, a bathhouse or technical rooms). The swimming-pool with the same form as the roof will fit perfectly into the design concept.