Art painting of walls is the most popular among the traditional ways of their finishing. We will talk about things which are especially important as an artistic decoration, painting technology, paints, which are used by artists. We will find out whether it is not harmful to the health of residents of beautiful houses.

Wall painting on decorative plaster is one of the most time-consuming creative processes. The artist does not just paint a picture, but pre- decorates the wall, which will be the final result of his work. As a rule, it creates relief. In the end, you get a really beautiful house.

House Painting Colors Kerala Style is the final point in the process of repair. All dusty work must already be completed, so that nothing will damage the picture. When the creative bridgehead is prepared, the customer traditionally invites the artist to inspect the object.

It is very important to be able to tell the artist what you would like to see on the house and in the house. Experienced artists specialized in wall painting, immediately make sketches for a better understanding of the question.

It is normal when the artist advises the best possible variant of the plot or a different color scheme. After all, wall painting should be the most organic part of the design and it shouldn’t discord with the interior, but emphasize and complement it. After all, you can get a really beautiful house then.

After the initial sketching, the artist prepares an electronic three-dimensional model of the future painting on the wall to correct it if necessary. Having received your consent, they start working at the facility. Do not distract the artist with questions like “how quickly will the work be completed?” Art painting of walls does not tolerate fuss. It is important to follow an accurate and delicate approach, if you want to get a great end result: a beautiful house. Average term of painting of one square meter is 1,5-2 days.

When the picture is ready, the artist covers it with varnish or wax to protect it from sunlight, harmful moisture and physical damage.