Every motorist would like to buy the house with underground parking. Even though there is a parking for the temporary car storage in front of every house, its use has a lot of nuances. Possible vandalism, precipitation, mud and quick wear and tear of the car are the obvious shortcomings of storing the car in the unsecured public parking lot.

Buying the house with the car parking spaces, the family refuses to use the public transport and guarantees the safety of their irons horse. The pros of underground parking stem from saving the surrounding space, therefore not every house can have a covered parking near the house. The House Plan With Basement Parking doesn’t take the surrounding areas that you can use for refining (to plant the flower beds, to establish the lawns and playgrounds).

What are the other benefits of the house with underground parking? The great advantage of underground parking is sufficient space, completed with the predictability of movement (availability of wide passages, sufficient for two cars). It is not uncommon for the common parking lots that the driving schools graduates damages the cars because of the space limitation. Finally, the car left in the cold or rain, won’t rot: the parking maintains optimum temperature, which is safe for the car. Pouring the hot water on the frozen locks, cold cabin and long heating— all these inconvenience are in the past.

Today the houses with underground parking are quite widespread. Such solution is relevant if you have a plot that has a limited free space. Before you start working, you should decide whether the parking will be fully or partially deepened. The second option is more economical and easy to realize. Too deep garages have some flaws, such as excessive dampness and ground pressure. It is important to prepare the floor slab that must be strengthened and quite thick. You must start the work with calculating the amount of material. It is important to provide hydro isolation. The next stage is the preparation of construction pit. It is important to consider the slope of entry way. The plates are placed at the bottom of the pitch. At that, you should use the lifting equipment. House Plan With Basement Parking can be built according to the technology, which involves pouring the bottom of the pitch with the concrete at the stage of building the garage. The wall foundation is formed with the use of reinforced concrete slabs. They will be supporting, which means they will bear the heavy load. The floor that you must put the side plates will act as a ground floor. House with the underground parking must have the hydro isolation in the upper part of the wall to exclude the possibility of penetration of moisture.