Nowadays, when considering the application of the client for the issuance of credit special attention is focused on the credit history of the potential borrower, information about which is requested by the bank in the credit bureau. The purpose of creation of the Bureau was to reduce the risks when loaning. Credit report – is a document reflecting the client’s reputation as a borrower. In this way, bank receives information about the customer`s existing loans and the quality of service loan repayments. This information has an impact on the adoption of decision by a credit institution on granting a loan.


How to get a credit report?

The borrower is entitled to receive a summary report on his active and repaid loans in accordance with the Law “On Credit Histories”. Besides the borrower access to the data of the Bureau also has a banking institution in the presence of the written consent of the client. In some cases, Bureau provides information on the credit history at the requirements of third parties (courts, police) in accordance with the law. Getting information once a year is free, subsequent requests are to be paid for.

At the moment, it is almost impossible to get a credit report online. In accordance with the law such information may be received in person or through an authorized representative or, assuring notarized request. In any case, the request performed by a computer is not made by a client in person. Such organization of the procedure reduces the risk of access to personal information of strangers, holding passport data of other persons.


You can get a credit history in three ways:

  1. A written request to the official website of the credit bureau. The borrower fills out an application form (from the website), notarize it and send a letter to the postal address of the Bureau. The answer must be sent by mail no later than 10 working days from the date of receipt of the request by addressee.
  2. Appeal to the official website of the Bureau of Credit Histories by a telegram. In the telegram must be specified passport and address data of the client whose signature is certified by the employee of post office. Credit report in this case also must be submitted no later than 10 working days.
  3. Appeal to the organization cooperating with the credit bureau. Contact numbers and addresses of such organizations can be found on the website of the Bureau.