The assortment of changing surfaces and tables is very broad. So, you will easily choose the most suitable model for your child.
After a delivery of a child, the parents must see about the purchase of everything necessary for the child – pram, bed, diapers, crawlers, jerseys, bottle, and also the changing surface, representing the specific piece of furniture for changing the child’s clothes. However, many parents find this article unnecessary, as they think that they can change the baby’s dress on the sofa, table or bed.

Is the changing table topper necessary?

Everything hangs on your idea of necessary things. Take into account that the changing table topper will serve only a few months, so you must think if it’s worth spending money.

Many expectant mothers are ready to buy up the whole shop, while the others spend money rationally and efficiently.

Every family faces with the question whether to buy a changing surface or not. In any case, it is necessary, to change the child’s clothes on the horizontal surface. Everything required (diapers, nappies, cotton wool, creams, gauze) must be at hand.

What must you take into account choosing the changing surface?

1. If it’s the table it must be made of natural materials, safe for children. It must have a mattress, which in its turn must be covered with cloth of non-skid materials and easy to care.

2. It’s better if the table has wheels and brakes.

3. Try to choose as large table as possible, because the child grows fast, and the surface gets narrow for him.

4. If the table is made of wood, ask about the level of exposure and the guarantee period of the article.

5. The additional advantage is different pockets, boxes, shelves, where you can put everything necessary, so that it is always at hand.

What kinds of changing tables are there?

The changing board with sides

It has the low boards from all sides. The base of the wood is finished with latex, as this material is easy to clean and non-skid. To change the diaper, you can put the nappy on the latex surface.

The changing table with shelves

This table can be made of wood, metal or plastic. It has the special shelves for cosmetics and items for the child’s care.

The changing dresser

There are models which look like the dresser with edges. The horizontal surface serves as a changing surface. It is big enough to put the mattress over it. The other models are completed with the mattress which has a large side.

Take care of the perfect place for your baby’s swaddling!