Grill smoker is a universal smoking shed, grill, brazier and barbeque at the same time.

How does the universal smoking shed work?

The wood charcoal is put into a small compartment. The food (meat, fish, and vegetables) is cooked in the larger compartment. It depends on the operating mode of smoking shed (grill, barbeque or hot smoking). The smoke comes through the small compartment to the large one. Then it is taken out through the pipe. The temperature sensor will help you with the adjustment of modes.

The first cooking mode: grill-smoking shed

Grill is a device for cooking dishes on coal. It works on the direct heat, coming from the coals (not to be confused with the barbeque, where the heat treatment comes back from the coals). At that, the heat treatment comes from all directions at the temperature of 160 °С and more.
If you want to cook grilled chicken or something of the kind, you must put the wood charcoal to a small compartment, under the grill, and put chicken on the top. If you’re interested in the manufacture of smoking sheds, consult us. You should take into account that by this way of cooking food, you must always be present.

The second cooking mode: smoking

What is a smoking? It is a cooking with a long smoke treatment. Put the food to the large compartment. Then kindle coal in the small compartment and add the moistened sawdust of fruit trees. Mostly, the industrial smoking sheds work in this mode.

ProQ Eco Smoker for cold smoking

If you like such food as smoked cheese, bacon, salmon and fish dishes, you’ll definitely like the smoking shed ProQ Eco Smoker!
The smoking shed ProQ Eco Smoker allows cooking different products by means of cold smoking very easy and cheap.
Although ProQ Eco Smoker is made of cardboard, it is used for a long time. It allows smoking not only cheese, but also fish, meat and many other products, including pepper, salt and garlic.
Besides, ProQ Eco Smoker is very economic, as it can work up to 10 hours, using only 100 g of wooden shavings!

Complete equipment:

  • 2 chromium-plated posts;
  • 2 tiny trays;
  • 1 cold smoking generator ProQ;
  • The outer cardboard box;
  • The inner cardboard box;
  • The package of wooden shavings

The complete set of ProQ Eco Smoker will be a perfect present for any celebration and allow enjoying excellent smoked food, made on your own in the open air or at the house.

Take into account that you can’t use ProQ Eco Smoker in the rain or in the humid apartments, as it has an adverse effect on the quality of smoking and the smoker itself.