When the baby comes into the world, its parents get many new cares and troubles. One of the most important questions is the choice of clothes for the baby. In the first months of its life, the new mums and dads set no great store by the child’s clothing size. Until the baby learns to walk or at least sit, its clothing must be just soft and comfortable. The crawlers, bodies, overalls and blouses for the newborn appears in large quantities as the present from relatives and friends. The babies fail to wear many of them even one time, as they grow very fast in the first months of their life. Nevertheless, sooner or later, the parents face with a question: how to define the child’s clothing size.

When you enter the infants wear store, and ask the shop-assistant to show you the thing you like, you’ll certainly hear the question: “What size?” A lot of new mums call the age of their babies, thinking that all of them wear the same size. However, even the smallest children have different clothing sizes. While the height of one five-month-old child is 58 cm, the height of another one can be 68 cm. Of course, they’ll need the clothes of different sizes.

Most of the children’s wear manufacturers use the child’s height to mark its size. This count system is convenient and suits for the children up to 4 years. At that, the parents should take into account that the child’s clothing size are meant for the children of standard constitution. The clothing sizes of one-year babies can be very different. Everything depends on the baby’s degree of activity, nutrition, physical and psychological development. The specialists from all over the world agree in opinion that every baby is individual, and there is no uniform system for all children.

To buy the comfortable clothes for your baby, you should take into account the following factors:

1. The clothes must be not only bright and beautiful, but also made of qualitative materials.
2. There is no point in buying child’s clothes with room for growth (of much bigger size). As your child grow very fast, it won’t feel comfortable in such clothes for the current season. And until the next season, these clothes will be small for it.
3. The child’s wear must be loose and don’t hinder its movements. The tight clothes don’t let the child move and develop.
4. When you buy the child’s clothes, take into account its own wishes. Then it will wear the chosen clothes with great pleasure.