The food, cooked on grill, differ in its gustatory qualities. It’s very juicy, healthy and tempting. Besides, it has a very pleasant odor. Fish, meat and vegetables, cooked on grill, warm up twice as fast as the ones cooked in the frying pan or in the oven. That’s why the grilled dishes include more vitamins.
The choice of grill depends only on your personal preferences. If you’re a romantic person, fond of the process of kindling, you should opt for charcoal grill. The pragmatists, appreciating their time and cleanness of cooking, will prefer gas grill. But you may be sure that any kind of grill will cook the food with the same golden crust and gustatory qualities.

Any dish must be cooked properly so that you can make the most out of it. First of all, you can use the grill to cook the dish which requires high temperatures, as after a while, the temperature of grill will lower.

It is unadvisable to grill tinned or curing meat. Before start to cook, make sure that all the products are of normal temperature, but not frozen. To improve the heat treatment and create better gustatory qualities, it is necessary to marinate meat for about 3 hours.

How to cook on charcoal grill

Before stat to cook meat, make sure that the coals are heated uniformly. You should avoid the formation of flame. If the fat drops from the coal at the time of cooking, they can inflame easily. If you block the access of oxygen, closing the grill lid, you’ll put out a flame, and the dish will be juicy and not burnt.
If you cook a bird’s carcass or a steak, don’t apply the method of fast grilling. In this case, you’ll have to cook more than 30 minutes. Take the coal tongs and move the coal apart, preparing the place for aluminum tray which will collect the fat from meat. Accordingly, place meat over the tray, and the coals- on the sides. The process of cooking will last longer. The juice and fat, collecting in the tray, won’t fall on the coals, so you will have neither smoke nor flame. It’s necessary to close the grill lid, so that the dish keeps its aroma. In this way, you’ll provide the steam of hot air around the dish. Keep the hole in the lid of charcoal grill open, to provide the ventilation.

The dishes cooked on charcoal grill will prove to be tasty, nourishing and healthy!