Cobb grill is a multifunctional portable device, combining the functions of grill, barbecue, stove and smoker.

It is developed with the use of modern technologies of the 21st century, original, covered by patents and made of qualitative stainless steel. Cobb grill is compact and light. However, it allows preparing 6 portions of dishes at a time!

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Height: 32 cm
  • Diameter: 33 cm

What is its originality?

Thanks to the effect of convention and air circulation, caused by the construction, the temperature inside Cobb comes to 300 Celsius degrees.

For three hours, the air maintains glow of embers (it is enough to put 6-8 lumps of pressed fuel) and provides the high temperature under the lid. This unique property ensures a wonderful cooking of almost any dishes for 6 persons!

Custom qualities

  1. Economical: 6-8 bricks of coking coal are enough for 2-3 hours of cooking!
  2. Special amortization legs make it steady on almost any surface, even on a yacht at the time of moving!
  3. High quality stainless steel makes it firm and durable.
  4. Due to the special construction, it will always be cool to the touch. It is easy to take and transport it right at the time of cooking.
  5. It is possible to use it in any weather conditions: at the time of wind, rain, heat and even frost.
  6. There is neither smoke nor fire at the time of cooking (there is smoke only at the time of coal firing. It lasts 10-15 minutes).
  7. The construction of grill prevents you from the contact with burning embers.
  8. You can use the “dry” way of cooking, without pouring any liquid (beer, wine, water) in the container. The food will turn out drier and more browned.
  9. A good alternative is steaming food, when you pour beer, wine or water in the container. At that, the prepared dishes will get the additional fine aroma and juiciness.

Cook on the Cobb grill with pleasure!

The standard complete equipment of Cobb grill includes: frying-pan with teflon coating for grilling, frying and smoking, barbecue, holes for draining fat to the special storage, coal basket, removable holder of fireproof plastic, the storage for draining fat at the time of cooking. The external case is made of heatproof bright-finished stainless steel.