Term paper is the student´s qualification work, which must show his/her preparedness for the analytical, research and project activity. Working on the term paper teaches the students to gather and analyze information, apply the skills acquired in the training courses, use the modern scientific methods and concepts and have a good written word.

Term paper is an integral part of student’s practical and independent work on mastering the chosen profession. Therefore, you should take it very seriously. Working on the term paper, you can feel a real professional.

One of the indicators of independence of the work performed is its uniqueness – the share of original author’s text in the term paper. Usually, on the faculties the uniqueness is checked automatically by the specialized programs, so you shouldn’t try to cheat the professors by offering them the “downloaded” text. The attempt of forgery of the term paper can affect your reputation and destroy your relations with your academic advisor.

Term paper must be research-oriented. It means that its topic must be contextualized within the modern science development trends. You should discuss it with your academic advisor.

Term paper must have the following structure:

  • Cover sheet.
  • Context.
  • Introduction.
  • Main part (which includes the theoretical and practical parts).
  • Conclusion.
  • List of reference.
  • Annexes.

The recommended volume of term paper is 25-35 pages.

The performance of one work by the group of students is not permitted.

The performance of term paper without academic advisor is not permitted.

The thesis advisor must:
provide practical assistance to the students in the final choice and formulation of topic of scientific research;
give the professional consultation on the choice of research methodology, sources and factual material;
systematically monitor the implementation of term paper in accordance with the timetable for the timely warning of failures to meet the deadline;

The student must:

  • inform his/her academic advisor about the preparation of the term paper,
  • consult on the difficult questions,
  • inform the academic advisor on the objective reasons for deviations from the established timetable of the term paper.

But what if the student can’t write the term paper himself/herself? Of course, not to waste time and ask the professionals for help! The competent authors will do your work for you, and you will get the highest score on its presentation.