Children’s room for a boy of preschool and primary school age should be convenient and combine gaming space with the training one.
Bed for sleeping, carpet or sofa and table games for learning – so parents plan. But children often study in bed, play on the table and get asleep on the couch. All the furniture in the room should be comfortable and ergonomic. Make sure that the room would be light enough.
For a boy of this age toys are still important. Choose a place for them in a special box under the bed or under the sofa or in a closet.

The boys, as you know, can be real perishers and notorious dreamers. Children room for a boy is a simple, functional room, ready for a quick transformation. Their interests are diverse, therefore it is appropriate to begin the design with a discussion of his interests with the owner. It makes no sense to impose future man your interests, tastes. If he is a petrol-head, the nautical theme in the design does not suit him, an imitation of the ship’s cabins will simply disappoint him. Boys’ interests and hobbies are changing frequently. The new craze involves a quick change of the situation. Therefore, choosing the interior to their rooms should be guided by practicality, simplicity. Then the little master can easy renew the room. The simplest, easiest option decorating the walls of his «ownership» is vinyl stickers. It is easy to hang print images on the wall and easy to remove them. It is also possible to decorate the ceiling with stickers, especially those that twinkle at night. various glitters, stars, month, toys are produced for that.

After the choice of the design theme, it is necessary to choose the color. Quiet, unobtrusive shades of blue relax physically, calm mentally. In the area of games some bright colors are usually added to create a cheerful mood. Notable elements can be upholstery, carpet, pictures (stickers). Boys are quite restless, their games are very active, that is, they move a lot. They need space in the room. When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account its functionality. Because in the kids room it should not be too much of that. The most necessary items can be installed – a sofa bed, a desk with drawers, a couple of shelves, a small wardrobe. For two guys it will be convenient to set a bunk bed. Compact transforming objects are “growing” along with the owner. It is necessary to provide a sports corner. Attributes there will change naturally as the master is maturing.

The interior should be comfortable and functional. Do not forget about the aesthetic properties of the room: it must be comfortable, original and beautiful.