Children should certainly have a room where they can safely play, study, entertain friends without disturbing other family members. Children room is a fabulous island in the original house. Its decoration is pretty exciting event.

First of all preferences of a small host are taken into account. Elder children themselves prompt thematic focus for the design of space. Decorating rooms of younger kids, creating ideas, of course, parents will base on child’s favorite fairy tales. Theme of the interior has to meet the tastes and hobbies of the child. Kids always appreciate a bright, unconventional idea. Personal space is the world of the child, so it is necessary to make it aesthetic, comfortable, spacious, safe. The main aspect of the children room decoration is creating an exciting, playing atmosphere that kid will not want to leave. Choosing room interior it is necessarily take into account the age of the host. For example, images of cheerful little animals on the walls are not interested for school children. For emphasizing the style it appropriate to use different settings – stickers, cheerful lamps, bright images (panels), theme design of ceilings. Surrounded by superheroes, princesses, fairies child is much cozier than next to adults and their ‘boring’ problems.

It is important to bear in mind that children and adults perceive the colors differently. For the harmony and normal development a child is usually surrounded by calm, gentle tones, bringing vivid shades. This gamma without no doubt sets for the activity, study, work. ‘Fruity’ colors are quite effective: quince, apricot, apple. Funny elements in the interior – different colored curtains, colorful blankets, pillows, toys – give room perky look. The main thing is to make a kids’ room in the same style. Some prefer to create a ‘sailor room’ and some – to design a ‘spaceship’.

In the room one must have a thermometer – it is necessary to monitor the temperature in the children room, preventing its drops. Floor is necessary to be warm, because for the games children prefer soft mat to chairs and sofas. It should also provide a clean floor. (It should be easy to clean).

You can put an easel, hang chalkboard for room owner’s creative activity. When a child’s room is small (or children’s corner), it is more worthwhile to buy a universal furniture. Funny curtains, children’s furniture will easily draw a line of corner for children.
Construction can be effectively decorated with the colored lights. As we know lighting is very important in the children room. The central light is not enough. Proper lighting will be provided by a floor lamp, wall lamp, and when kid is studying – by the presence of a desk lamp. Low light during sleep will be ensured by a funny bedlamp.