Probably every parent dreams of a spacious and bright room for his child. But, unfortunately, the reality is often not so rosy … I present you a selection of children’s room designs. I hope that any of this many people will take on board.

Children must be perfect in the eyes of its young master. But we, adults, often do not take it into consideration, but even do not think that it is necessary to consult with our child, furnishing a room for him.

But the interior and its colors is a small world that can provide a very large impact on the temper of the child and the formation of his personality. And of course, for kid there should be comfortable and interesting in his room.

Talk with your child

Designers call the children’s one a room where the child lives from birth to twelve years. When he grows out of short pants, already ‘adult’ requirements are imposed to his room. And the owner can put his own demands.

But while he is quite small, design of children room rests on the shoulders of parents, and doing it, though is a pleasant, but not an easy task.
The most common adults’ mistake is to design a children room without a child. Of course, three-year old child won’t tell you that he prefers the interior in any particular style, but it is not necessary. But the child is able to say that he wants walls with ‘fish’, ‘cubs’ or with any ‘unknown little animals’.

After all, every kid is living in his own fantasy world. Take the trouble to create an atmosphere in the nursery, which will meet them and to please your kid. And do not forget the simple truth that which is good for an adult is bad for the child.

In the design of children’s room there are some unwritten rules, which are recommended to follow.

Firstly, the room should be “stable”. This means that the floor should be darker than the walls. If it is the opposite – the child won’t understand the design refinements and he will feel himself uncomfortable.

Second, the color should be bright and cheerful.
In general, the color is a powerful stimulant, and with its help you can inspire your child for a lot of things. For example, blue color is a cool feeling, it calms the nervous system, and green is refreshing and also has a calming effect.
These colors are good for rooms with windows facing south. Or for the children rooms, whose owners are full of play, excitable or hyperactive children. And if your kid is too quiet, inhibited child add more yellow and orange tones to his room creating a good mood. They are good for rooms where the sun rarely has a look.