House decorating is a very interesting activity. You can make it on your own, but you’ll have to try your best. If you have enough free time and can concentrate on the creation of original design, you can easily make the decoration of any room. We will tell you about the main nuances which you must take into account creating a perfect interior.

Decorating ideas

With the help of decorating you can improve the appearance of accommodation. The specialists usually match necessary colors (blending perfectly with each other), together with the patterned materials, which can be both natural and artificial. Of course, you should take into account the characteristics of the room you’re going to decorate. In our time it is very easy to find a specialist in this field, as the room decoration became much more popular.

Gold is in

At present, people use a lot of material for the room decoration. One of them is mosaic gold (the overlays of gold 100 nanometer thick). The main purpose of this material is the room decoration. There is also potal (a thin leaf of any metal resembling gold). For instance, aluminum or copper, treated with an invisible layer of yellow lacquer. The surface of metal sheets is often treated with the paint with tin sulphide to create an illusion of gold plating. Mostly, this paint is used for the covering of monuments or domes, as the gold coating is very expensive. So, it is possible to save on materials.

Patina-forming treatment

The artificial ageing (or patina-forming treatment) is often used for the decoration. The objects of interior acquire special energetics and wisdom like the museum pieces. This effect is achieved with the help of long-lasting and quick-drying paints. Then the surface is treated with sandpaper so that the first paint coat acquires roughness.

Stained glass

If you want that all the windows of your room are painted different colors, you should think about the stained glass. It will help you to create the unusual lighting in the room. The stained glass consists of colored glass. It usually used to decorate the windows, paint them in several colors or intend the patterns.

Whatever beautiful the interior is, don’t forget about the practicality of accommodation. You must see to beforehand.