Lounge represents the very important part of every apartment, as it is the place for family rest, guests’ reception and celebrations. The interior design can tell everything about the habits, tastes and characters of the house owners. Besides, everyone entering your lounge will determine your status at once, as this room represents the best that the family has.

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Zoning is the optimal decision

As the lounge is used for several purposes, it is advisable to carry out zoning. After all, this room is multifunctional. Here we spend leisure-time with family members, gather with friends, and sometimes even work.

For a start, it is necessary to determine the center of accommodation and emphasize it. Usually it is a TV set, which is encircled with the rest of the furniture. By the way, the TV set is the most important household appliance. That’s why it is necessary to find it a suitable location. Firstly, the TV set must locate at a safe distance from the sofa, not to ruin the eyesight. The correct distance is calculated in the following way: measure the screen width and multiply the resulted number by 8. It is also possible to equip the lounge with home cinema instead of usual TV set. Both the family members and the guests will like it even more.

You must also find a place for dining zone and recreation zone. But, speaking of the most modern design, the hall interior is just the thing you need. Nowadays, the most popular style of the lounge design is classic style with the addition of some modern attributes, such as a cabinet without angles or original upholstered furniture in red color.


The décor items must match the general style of interior. A small number of accessories is necessary even in the most laconic and austere interior, or else the room will look lifeless. The most suitable lounge accessories include: the beautiful textile (curtains, furniture covers, cushions); natural flower compositions; framed pictures; all sorts of fancy goods (decorative plates, china figures, etc.)