The hard drive of Mac computer becomes a real “trash”, filled with dozens of duplicate files: photos from the photo stream, copies of the incomplete downloads, duplicate files of the apps downloaded from different sources, etc. The manual search of file copies is very time-consuming and often ineffective. So, you have to look for automated tools to find duplicate files on mac and remove duplicates in the Mac OS x environment.

Gemini launch window

Gemini star duplicate file finder for mac is designed to find and remove duplicates of various types of files from your Mac hard drive.
It is distributed through the Mac app Store. The creators of macintosh duplicate file finder are the guys from MacPaw Inc.; they also created “cleaners” of computers CleanMyMac, CleanMyPC and external hard drives CleanMyDrive, encoder Hider 2, and an alternative media player for iPhone Listen.
The application is incredibly simple, functional, works amazingly fast, not counting the excellent design.

Gemini organically fits into the concept of “nothing more” professed by Apple like Disk Drill Free Duplicate Finder. If you want to start scanning, you need to “drag” the analyzed object (folder) into the application window and click on “Scan”. The speed of analysis of the contents of the folder is impressive. The check of the user’s folder on MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 with “weight” of 162,6 GB containing more than 268 thousand objects took no more than 10 seconds. Is SSD better? Perhaps you’re right! I have tested the contents of the AirPort time capsule connected to the laptop via Wi-Fi. The results are more modest, but only by 10-15%, so that the speed of the application can not be doubted.

Speed of information processing.

The report is presented in two forms: a list of file categories and a pie chart. Chart sections, as well as active list items, display a list of files of the appropriate type for which duplicates are found.

The analysis report for Gemini

Files are grouped according to the following criteria:
images; music; movies; folders; files; documents; other.
The category “Other” includes all the files that the program could not identify. In my case there were files for Windows applications (using Parallels Desktop) and a few with an unknown system resolution.

The file category is Different in Gemini.

The list of all files, as well as individual types, can be sorted by size, type, name, number, selected path. You can place files in the list in descending order and ascending order of size.

Sort of duplicates in Gemini.

If you select duplicates of a particular file, or a picture, you will open a preview (video and music have their own players) and information about the places where the file was found.

Properties of duplicates in Gemini.

Free duplicate file finder for mac can select duplicates automatically by its own algorithm (click on the “Auto select” button) or by a user-defined criterion: automatically, new, oldest, any (arbitrary). You can select a criterion in the row with the corresponding buttons. Based on the selected criteria, the application selects a duplicate (a check mark is placed next to the file name and its location), information about the number of selected files and their total size is displayed in the central part of the window at the top.

Selected duplicates for deletion in Gemini.

Gemini is one of the best duplicate file finder tools for Mac able to handle entire folders, the algorithm is the same as with individual files.
After selecting the duplicates, you should only click on the “Delete selected”. A list of files that you want to delete appears. You can undo the deletion line by line or all at once (icon with a cross, and the “Cancel all” button). If you give permission to delete all files in the list, click on the “Delete” button. Duplicates are sent to the Recycled bin, from where they can be easily restored if necessary (this is a precaution, active in the default application settings).

The final list to remove duplicate files on mac in Gemini.

In the application settings, you can determine how it will remove duplicates: to Recycled bin or irretrievably, whether it will delete the empty folders left after cleaning. You can manually assign the minimum size of files to be considered, define folders, files and their extensions that will be automatically ignored during scanning, assign auto file selection options for deleting.

Overall results:

As you can see, the application is really worthwhile, works fast, duplicate searches carefully and accurately, displays the most informative reports and allows you to configure the removal of found copies.