There was an idea, to make the swinging doors myself as usual because of laziness. No wonder they say “laziness – the engine of progress.” I decided to provide with automatics my swinging doors. The main question has arisen with the drive.

When I learned how much it costs that put, I was shocked. And I’ll tell you why. If for two drives to pay 300 euros, well, excuse me, for what? As I am myself engaged in satellite TV, I decided to think a little outside the box and cross “camel with a rhinoceros.”

As you know, in the old rotary systems of satellite antennas was used, the motor with worm gear on a sliding stock that leads the antenna. The principle of operation is the same as in standard drive for swing gates. Moreover, it seems to me, even it has its own advantages. For drive you need 220W, and this is fed through a transformer constant voltage of 36V, there is better from plan of security.

How to make so the swinging doors were opened a little faster? The voltage can be increased, for example up to 38V. The motor runs quietly and briefly stand.

Now, in order.

We have two such drives. We take the largest. Drives that have maximally elongated stem. On company that sells satellite dishes there are those drives available. The cost of one drive 35-50 dollars, depending on the company’s greed.

Transformer at 36-40 volts.

And most importantly, remote of automation. Remote with two charms, a range of 50 meters, buy in firm, which is engaged in the protection of the alarm. The price such thing is of 30-50 dollars, also depends on the company’s greed. I have bought in much greedy firm and paid for it as much as $ 31. In fact it is all I bought. The rest I found a home. By the way, the remote performs two orders: first I used to close-open gates, and the second so it did not disappear, for on-off light in the garage.

For all-all the work it took half a day, taking into account that the swing gates has long been hanging in the garage.

Among the shortcomings is the fact that this system would have to be further develop current relay.

In order to when a stone hit the gate leaf or even an obstacle, the relay operates and returns automatic gates ago. Otherwise, the motor may burn out or even roll, bend the gates.