Arrangement of the furniture in the room with an area of 18 m2: basic rules

Arrangement of the furniture in the room with an area of 18 m2

The main thing in the development of interior of the small rooms is not to use too much decorative elements. You should approach the furnishing of small room with special care. To properly arrange all decoration items, you can turn to special computer programs or draw a plan on the paper.

When planning a room, you must always comply with the following rules:

  • Start the plan for the accommodation of furniture in the room (18 m2) by finding the most comfortable place for the largest pieces of furniture. Only after placing the sofa and wardrobe, you can locate the armchairs, cabinets and shelves.
  • Passages between the pieces of furniture must be at least 60 cm. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to move around the room.
  • If you’re going to place the headset consisting of sofa and armchairs in the room, the distance between them should be minimal.
  • Distance between the coffee table and sofa must not exceed 40 cm.
  • In small premises, you should replace the large furniture with more elegant and ergonomic one.
  • Entrance area must be always free.
  • In small rooms, you shouldn’t block the window with the large interior items, floor lamp and house plants.
  • TV must be located at a distance of 1.8-3 m from the place where you will watch it.

How to properly arrange the furniture in the living room (18 m2)?

How to properly arrange the furniture in the living room (18 m2)

Full-fledge design of the living room implies:

  • Well-planned layout of the room.
  • Stylish decoration.
  • Skillful zonation of the available area.

Sustain the style

You can use different styles for the decoration of a small living room:

  • Classic. This style combines soft lines, coziness, restraint, single composition and impeccable taste. Small area of the living room in classic style obliges you to consider the following important points:
    • use only light shades in the design of the room;
    • chandelier must correspond to the size of the room;
    • soft furniture (sofa) should be located along the wall;
    • you should leave the center free.
  • Minimalism. This is one of the modern directions. Main task of minimalism is to save as much space as possible for movement. The furniture must be simple, practical and functional.
  • High tech. Ultramodern direction involves the presence of cold shades, finishing from the advanced materials and plenty of technological novelties.
  • Eco-style. Modern style doesn’t require large space and fits perfectly into the interior design of the living room. When decorating the room in eco-style, you should use minimum artificial materials. The best interior decorations are stone, wood, ceramics, flax and green plants.
  • Ethnic direction adheres to the ideas of one culture. Colorful ideas from Japan, China and Africa are mostly used in the decoration of such rooms.
  • Pop art is a style, characterized by unusual contrasts and bright paints. Decoration of the room in pop art style involves much light and glossy surfaces.

Decoration of rectangular hall (18 m2): photos

Decoration of rectangular hall (18 m2): photos

In the panel house, guest room most often has a rectangular shape. Main task in the development of interior of such room is to approach the shape to the square. The main advantage of square room is symmetry of space.

This can be achieved with the help of various techniques:

  • Correct placement of furniture;
  • Nonstandard color solutions of the walls;
  • Right location of main and additional lighting.

Designers represent their pictures with different ideas for the rectangular rooms with an area of 18 m2. In all photos, you can see the calm shades of the walls and bright furniture. Balanced color scheme makes it possible to achieve full harmony in the interior. It is the background, where you can place the bright decorative elements.

Furniture plays a very important role in the decoration of rectangular room. It must be practical and functional.
Small room must contain only necessary pieces of furniture. These can be a compact sofa, a corner wall with built-in TV and coffee table. Modern fashion trend is a predominance of natural motives. For this purpose, you should use a lot of beige, green and maroon colors. Basic shades are grey and white. The photos of design ideas will help you to carefully consider your own project.

Fashionable design of the hall of the apartment (18 m2)

Fashionable design of the hall of the apartment (18 m2)

Small living room can be changed beyond recognition. It is enough to use your imagination, helpful tips of experienced designers and quality material. If you use different styles and directions, house owners and their guests will feel very comfortable in the living room. If you use the tricks with lighting and finishing, small room will look spacious and light.

How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom (18 m2)?

How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom (18 m2)?

Bed plays a key role in planning and arranging the furniture of the bedroom (18 m2). However, wardrobe and bedsides are also important. Therefore, we recommend you to heed the following recommendations of the designers to position the interior items correctly:

  • Headboard must be moved to the wall.
  • Place the double bed to provide the free access on both sides. The width of aisle to the sleeping place must be at least 70 cm.
  • Single bed should be located along the wall.
  • Don’t place the bed opposite the front door and near the window. Sunlight, draft and difficult approach to the window will soon force you to make a rearrangement.
  • An important detail of bedroom is a wardrobe. For a small bedroom, you can order a case-compartment or corner cupboard. It will help you to save space. Place the wardrobe opposite or at the side of the window so that the light falls on the content.
  • Place the bedside tables on either side of the bed. Many people use the pedestals of the same design, but modern stylists recommend choosing asymmetry and using the nightstands of different design. Or better yet, change one of the pedestals to the dressing table.

Placement of furniture in the children’s room with an area of 18 m2

Placement of furniture in the children’s room with an area of 18 m2

Main problem in the placement of functional furniture is not only to fit the largest number of subjects on the small area, but also to create comfortable conditions for the child.

Depending on the child’s age, the room must include:

  • Sleeping area.
  • Play area.
  • Work area.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Seating area.

When distributing these areas, you should adhere to certain rules:

  • Sleeping place should be located in the far corner near the window, but as far as possible from the entrance door. If it is not possible to move the sleeping place away from the door, separate the bed with a decorative partition or screen.
  • Study (work) area should be placed near or to the left of the window. If such arrangement is impossible, you should provide sufficient lighting, able to offset the natural light.

To save the space of small children’s room, you should buy the multi-tiered furniture. Any child will be thrilled to get an interesting two-part structure: cupboard with many shelves and drawers and comfortable bed on top instead of standard furniture.