Searching for a file in the Recycled bin.

Before you search for how to recover recycle bin with the help of third-party programs, you should look in the Recycled bin folder, because that’s a place where the object is sent by the DEL button in any version of Windows. So, the Recycled bin folder is the first protection against accidental deletion. Searching inside a folder for deleted files is quite simple.

You need to find the icon with the image of the Recycled bin on your desktop and double-click on it, opening a new window. The new window has a search bar where you can write the name of the deleted file if it is known.

If the object name is unknown, the existing files in the Recycled bin folder can be sorted by date of deletion. The top will be the file that was deleted recently.

Due to the fact that the Recycled bin folder can sometimes get accidentally deleted files, many experts do not advise to clean it immediately after filling.

Search for an object in backup files.

If the file is deleted from the Recycled bin by pressing Shift+Del or the folder is automatically cleared, you can search for the object in the shadow copies that Windows creates automatically. You do not have to use any software, just use the Windows backup tool that is already available on the system.

If you want to use recycle bin recovery, you need to go to the folder where they had been before deletion. Next, you need to open the properties of this folder and find there the “Previous versions” tab. This tab contains information about all previous versions  which are displayed in a list.

You can now start searching for the deleted file by entering each version. You can recover not only deleted objects, but also some documents before editing. The backup is automatic and does not depend on the user. The only case when the system does not create copies is when the “System Protection” is disabled.

Search for deleted files using a third-party program.

You can also restore recycle bin using a third-party utility. There are quite a few Handy Recovery software for this purpose, but Disk Drill is quite popular and powerful today.

After the program is installed on your computer, you must run it. At first, it opens a window called “Recuva Wizard”. There is nothing to do here, so you can click on the “Next” button.

A new window allows you to select the format in which you have saved the file that you want to restore. The available list allows you to select a specific type and limit the search for convenience, or click on the line where you want to search among all the objects.

The following window prompts you to select the location where the file you want to restore is located. You can specify any Windows disk, removable media, or specify the path to which the deleted object was located. If you want to start the search in the specified location, you should click on the “Analyze” button.

After examining all the deleted files, the program will give out those that it can recycling bin recover. You need to select one or more desired deleted objects in the list and click on the “Restore” button or recover deleted files from recycle bin with Handy Recovery.

Before the utility restores the selected files, it must specify a location. You need to select a folder in a new window, but keep in mind that the folder with the recovered documents should not be stored in the same place where they were removed.

After the program restores the files, it will notify the user.

Cloud storage is a backup option.

Another way to recover deleted files from recycle bin is to synchronize the device with the storage cloud. This method is an optional backup, but you must create it yourself. You can find the program SkyDrive or another “cloud utility”.

Ease of use of these programs is that they provide the user with 10 GB of free space for free as well as with quick recovery of files in case of accidental deletion. The only risk is that the cloud can crack, but this risk is insignificant.

You can synchronize all folders and files on Windows drives, as well as certain parts, such as one folder with the most important documentation, with the vault. If you want to set these options, you should simply select the option you want in The SkyDrive sync window.

If the document folder cannot be recovered on the device, it can be found in the cloud storage. It is also worth noting that you can also delete and restore files in SkyDrive. There is a Recycled bin folder in order to do this.
In most cases, cloud storage is used as a backup to save the right documents, which are often forgotten. But they often help out in cases when all methods are already tried.

In addition, do not forget about the specialists who can use restoration recycle bin and deleted documents from Windows hard drives even after independent attempts to use third-party programs.

Unfortunately, not all deleted objects can be recovered. After all, even hidden Windows archives store deleted files for a short time and then gradually delete them from memory. Therefore, it is almost impossible to recover long-lost documents even with the help of specialists.