The ways of bike storage in the shed

  1. Fastening-lift. 2 holders with blocks with a thrown rope are fastened to the ceiling. Another 2 blocks, equipped with the hooks for wheel and saddle, hang loose on the rope. Just pull on the free end of the rope, and the bike will rocket to the ceiling. It is comfortable, fast and suitable for any kind of bike. However, you’ll have to take a lot of trouble, fastening the holders to the ceiling.
  2. Wall racks. They represent the holders, fastened to the wall with several hook sets at different heights. The rubber-coated hooks are usually intended for the installation of the capping rail of bicycle frame. But it can be difficult to fasten women’s and folding bike models, as they lack capping rail, and the trick bike with its beveled frame. The usual fastening also doesn’t fit for two- suspender bikes. But in general, this option allows storing the bikes of the whole cyclists’ family.
  3. Hook under the wheel is the name of the whole class of devices, intended for holding the bike not by the frame, but by the wheels. On the one hand, it allows minimizing the occupy space: the bike hangs vertically. So, a half-dozen of bikes can be located in the small corner. On the other side, this option isn’t suitable for all bike models (especially or the ones, equipped with hydraulic brakes). And the local wheel load doesn’t improve its symmetry.

There were only a few examples, illustrating the principle. There is no real reason why you can’t invent the new ways of bike storage in the shed. Perhaps, your idea will be the next hit in this field.