As is known, the goal of dissertation is the Doctor of Science degree.

Choosing the topic of dissertation, you should take into account some key points that define the success of the entire project. No matter what you write- master’s, candidate’s or doctoral dissertation, the right choice of topic of your work defines not only the successful defense of dissertation in the scientific council, but also your future professional career. Therefore, you should take it very responsibly and carefully.

Another essential condition for the quick start and advance of work is the selection of necessary material and the formulation of plan.

You must show this plan must to your academic advisor so that he/she can approve it or correct it. Most writers of dissertation fail to draw up a good plan (that can be used for writing great scientific text without rewriting it many times) on the first try. Thus, after drawing up a good plan and agreeing it with your academic advisor, you can save time, nerves and maybe even money. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect this advice. Sometimes, the academic advisor refuses to agree the plan with and says something like “you should research the issue more profoundly, and then we’ll see”. In this case, this problem must be solved as soon as possible. Perhaps, you should try to interest your academic advisor so that he/she helps you with the correction and agreement of the plan as soon as possible, or make him look at your dissertation plan and makes clear what he/she disagrees. After that, you should bring the amended plan for coordination.

After the plan is plan is approved, you can think about the content of every subparagraph and go to the library to get the necessary material for each point of your plan. How much material should you gather? You must find a reasonable compromise, as you’ll never manage to get all the material.

Time for finding materials passes, and you still don’t have the text of dissertation. Gathering enough material for writing dissertation takes one week of hard work in the library. Some students spend months on this stage, but (as they think) still can’t get enough material and start writing the text of dissertation. It’s a big mistake (and often just laziness) to delay the start of work. Besides, the absence of any visible work results (written pages) can significantly depress such author.

After gathering the material for every paragraph of dissertation, you can start writing the text of dissertation. With the prepared material (depending on your capacities and quickness), the graduate student can write 1-2, and sometimes even 3 paragraphs of dissertation in one week.

After writing one chapter of dissertation, you can take a short break, and then quickly begin the next one. You should also write it in one breath, while you still keep in mind the content of written in the chapter. It allows you to write faster, avoid repetitions and save time.

By doing so, you can quickly write the candidate’s dissertation and defend it on time. Otherwise, you can order writing the dissertation.