Senior thesis is a result of all the years, spent at the university.

If you don’t what your final work to turn into the sleepless nights, stress and failure to meet the deadline, you should plan your time from the very beginning.

Where and how to start writing the senior thesis?

You should start writing your work with clarifying on which faculty your will write and defend your thesis.

To successfully write your senior thesis, you should choose the competent academic advisor.

After finding out the faculty, you should think about the academic advisor.

In different higher educational institutions, the distributions of academic advisors can be different.

Sometimes, the academic advisor is assigned by the head of department, but the other option is possible.

You may be offered the list of professor indicating their scientific orientation.

And you, in turn, will have to make a choice.

You should take the choice of academic advisor very seriously, as the level of his/her involvement in writing the senior thesis defines its nature: relevant and interesting or boring and routine.

It also defines whether the professor will help you to gather the information and aim you in the right direction or be listed as your academic advisor just for the record; whether you will discuss the material or he/she will demand the ready sections of thesis, etc. All this directly affects the quality of the result.

Of course, most of the work depends only on you: your knowledge and understanding of material, proper formulation and presentation of thoughts in your work. The only way to do that is to carry out each phase of work slowly and responsibly.

The senior thesis contains:

  • cover sheet
  • contents
  • introduction
  • main (theoretical) part
  • practical part
  • conclusion
  • list of reference
  • annexes

The choice of topic of thesis is very important.

There may be two options: the academic advisor will give you the list of topics to choose from, or you can suggest an interesting theme, and, together with your academic advisor, refine the name.

During the first consultation with your academic advisor, you must choose the topic of your senior thesis and discuss the area of research and a rough work plan.

Your academic advisor must list several scientific manuals and monographs, which contain the main information on your topic.

After that, you must set out the deadlines for the parts of senior thesis and the date of the next consultation.

And that’s when you can make the biggest mistake – delay your work, as “there’s plenty of time”.

You can’t do that, as only the gradual preparation of materials, compliance with the academic advisor’s recommendations and handing in the fragments of work on time will ensure the quality and relevant thesis and its successful defense in future.

If you don’t have any free time and realize that you may delay the preparation of senior thesis, the best way is to order the thesis from the professional authors. In this case, you can be sure that your work will be ready in time and at the highest level.