Sooner or later, senior pupils and university students face the need to write the research work. The research can be devoted to different disciplines: from technical to humanitarian. Nevertheless, the basic guidelines of writing such work are common for all researches.

It is very difficult to proceed with the first scientific research. However, the proper organization of the work process will help you to greatly facilitate the completion of task. Of course, the research paper won’t write itself, but if you draw up a clear plan of action, working on it will be much easier.

What’s the difference between research and project work?

Research is the activity aimed at generating new knowledge about the existing object or phenomenon.

The project is aimed at creating something that doesn’t yet exist to change our reality or solve some problem.

How to solve the topic of work?

The topic must contain the problem, i.e. not to provide the explicit decision or have practical application.

The topic must be interesting to you personally and relevant.

Draw up the detailed plan of your research. It must represent the summary of your work. Make a list of the main points and comment each of them. Under every statement, write the right quotes from the sources, so that you don’t have to look for them again while working on the essay. Think about the provisional titles of chapters and paragraphs.

The purpose of work.

The purpose of research work is a desired end result the student plans to achieve in the end.

Simple scheme of formulation the purpose of research work (project):

1. Choose one of the words like: learn, explore, figure out, reveal, define, analyze, establish, show, check, draw attention to the problems, justify, summarize, describe, find out, etc.

2. Add the name of the research object.

Objectives of work.

The objectives of research work are the successive stages of the student’s theoretical and experimental work from the beginning to the end.

To identify the tasks of research work, you must consistently answer your question:” What do I have to do to achieve the objectives of my research?”

The tasks must be written in the introduction to your research work right after the objective.

The rules of layout depend on the kind and type of research, national standards and demands of your academic adviser. Writing the plan and the final version of your research work, stick to the certain recommendations on text layout.

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