We all like to spend time in our patio, whether it is a barbecue day with cocktails or reading a good book. Patio is a great place for enjoying a meal, reading a good book, socializing with friends and family in your own home. Even at night, selected lighting makes changes to the overall atmosphere and design of the courtyard.

There are different designs and themes to choose, depending on the size of the patio and the mood that you want to have. Whether you choose a small or a large patio, these simple patio design ideas will surely help you to make patio an ideal place for entertainment and staying some time alone.

Here are some things that you might need to consider before you plan your patio: opinions and wishes of the family, weather and where in winter and summer there os most of the sun.

If you already have a pool to work with it, you can easily create a place in which you will feel like at a resort.

Use umbrellas, they can serve as an excellent designer accessory in the patio. Choose any color you like. On sunny days, you can close the umbrellas and enjoy the sun, and in the less sunny days, you can easily open them. Also, if you have a pool, you can make a swimming pool as the focal point, having built tracks from the house and around the pool. You can use beautiful landscape, forming a theme and style around the pool.

Decide where it will be be a focal point for the patio. Coordination center will attract attention and highlight your patio.
If you have any disparate elements in the patio, such as statues, fountains, flower beds, the focal point is a great way to hide it.
Lighting is an important factor in the patio for a night’s rest. They can not only add beauty to your patio, but also to make the entire area safer for walking at night. There are several options that you can choose for lighting. Lanterns add more natural feel, it is the best idea of patio design. Lights hanging from trees, ceiling, panels or gazebos also add a soft, romantic atmosphere in your patio.

When choosing lighting for the patio, think primarily about safety.

There are many options and materials for the choice of coatings for patio. When choosing them, take into account the most important factor – the weather. If you live in an area which is mostly sunny throughout the year, you can use the covers of a temporary nature, such as awnings and umbrellas.

For those who live in colder, less sunny and more rainy areas, use permanent coatings, such as gazebos, corrugated metal roofs. The best patio is considered a continuation of the house that is both functional and attractive to the eye.

When choosing a design, do not forget to make projects that are a reflection of your personality, from this patio you will have maximum of pleasure.
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