The repair of the ceiling cover in your apartment begins with the choice of the kitchen ceiling. The interior and the comfort of your apartment depend on this choice. Every member of the family will feel comfortable at meal-times, if the kitchen ceiling promotes it. Moreover, when we cook, the kitchen always fills with steam, fume and ashes. Fumes go up and settle on the ceiling surface. You must constantly clear it up from accumulated dirt.

There are 5 principal variants of the kitchen ceiling decoration:

  • plastered ceiling;
  • painting;
  • paperhanging;
  • the installation of suspended construction;
  • the mounting of the tension system.

The main features of the perfect kitchen ceiling:

  1. cheapness;
  2. easy installation (it’s especially important, if you’re planning to do it yourself);
  3. moisture- and heating-resistance;
  4. long-term service;
  5. its’ material doesn’t have any negative influence on the human health;
  6. practicalness- it cleans and scours easily.

Eventually, having taken into account all the requirements and options, you can choose the proper kitchen ceiling. But there is one more important nuance: ceiling surface often has some defects at first, which you’ll have to conceal for making your ceiling look beautiful.