“Incredibles” saw the light in 2004 and proved the superiority of “Pixar” once again. When the superheroes have not yet conquered the cinemas, Parr family managed to give the audience an exciting adventure, flavored with the best humor and excellent animation.

Now, the studio started to work on the sequels, and, of course, it couldn’t get past one of its main hits. The action of sequels starts right after the end of the first film. The world isn’t ready for the return of superheroes, but the mysterious magnate (their big fan) offers to help his favorites to step out of the shadow and make a noble thing of saving humanity.

Judging by the first reaction, the director Brad Bird has a good chance to repeat the critical and rental success of the original.

Perri Nemiroff from the website “Collider” is genuinely excited about the sequel and highlights Jack-Jack, who, according to the author, became the real star of “Incredibles”. Moreover, Nemiroff doesn’t forget to praise Incredibles 2 cast and the musical score by Michael Giacchino.
“Incredibles 2” is a quite normal sequel, — calmly tells Peter Sciretta, editor of “Slashfilm”. — A fun adventure, but it doesn’t rise to the level of original. Jack-Jack and Edna are the real stars (please tell me that they’ll make a short film about them). Excellent design and music of Giacchino”.

Eric Eisenberg from “CinemaBlend” honestly admits that before watching, he doubted the reasonability of sequel, but he remained satisfied. “The sequel greatly develops the world and the characters, — writes Eisenberg. — On top of that, it is very funny and energetic. It will be remembered as one of the best films of this summer”.

Kevin Polowy, writing for “Yahoo Entertainment”, repeats the idea that Jack-Jack became the main stair of the sequel.
“I am happy to report that Brad Bird made a great continuation of ”Incredibles”, — writes Steven Winetraub. — I thoroughly enjoyed „Incredibles 2“. The music of Giacchino was brilliant as always. I can’t wait to see the film for the second time”.

Chris Heiner was pleased to note that sequel have largely exceeded the original. According to the author, the history is somewhat predictable, but he really enjoyed the film.

Jacky Xin, working with IGN, also crumbles in praise without forgetting to put a few exclamation marks at the ends of every sentence.

“Incredibles 2” is a real bunch of fun, — writes Simon Thompson. — Action scenes are made skillfully and interestingly (but not overly so). The story has everything necessary for children and adults. It is a worthy continuation of a great original”.
“I think no one will be surprised, but „Incredibles 2” is a real masterpiece, — tells Drew Taylor. — Touching, energetic and perfectly elaborated. Every second was worth of 14-year waiting”.