Indian house attracts with its home comfort, softness and warmth. Indian Style House Plans 700 Sq Ft is the soul of Indian interior. The country is saturated with spices: curry, bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger, cloves. The same tart colors dominate in the design of the rooms. The most popular color is the flesh of the muscat melon, combining orange and red shades. Warm tones are easily diluted with cold, which give space and depth. Blue, purple, turquoise, emerald – all these colors are boldly combined in any proportions and textures.

You should be careful using white. The Indians have a special attitude to it. It is extremely rare at homes. It is rather a temple color, meaning a rejection of luxury, a symbol of simplicity and detachment. The Indian furniture was not distinguished by the elegance of forms. It was simple and even rough. Nowadays, wooden interior items are decorated with amazing carved ornaments and unique forging.

Chairs, tables, doors, shutters and screens are often transformed from one to another, changing roles, which makes the interior in the Indian style not only cozy, but also functional. Traditional Indian furniture is usually low, without backrests and armrests. It can be laconic, but wood is often decorated with openwork carving and inlaid with stones or covered with colored lacquer. Indian artisans are considered to be one of the best masters of varnishing. They decorate interior items, wooden panels, decorative elements and screens.


Upholstered furniture is upholstered with bright glossy fabrics in a wide strip, or with a national pattern. The acceptable upholstery materials are velour, suede and leather. Several small pillows with ethnic ornaments are an integral part of the Indian interior. They are used to decorate not only sofas, but also beds, and wicker chairs. Bed is more often made of natural wood, but there is also a forged version of the metal. The sleeping place is covered with a canopy on carved wooden poles with a rich decor of warm shades.