There is a great variety of different ceilings. They can be suspended, gypsum cardboard, gluing, rack, aluminum, etc. But none of them can equal the wood ceilings.

In the recent time there appeared a tendency of using natural materials in the interior decoration. It refers to wood as well. Pieces of furniture, parquets, windows, interior doors, plinth, wall panels, and, eventually, ceilings are often made of wood nowadays.

Wood is a classic natural material, which was always used in the interior design, including the finishing of ceiling. You can still see uniquely decorated ceiling vaults, made of skillfully treated wood, in many ancient buildings, palaces and castles.

The ability of heat retention, unique beauty in shear- these natural properties of wood were always highly valued. Wood ceilings give the feeling of warmth, comfort, and create the atmosphere of stability and nobility.

Wood is also able to scatter light and create the effect of opacity in the accommodation. The game of shadows and light is often used by designers as one of the main techniques of interior decoration. Wood ceiling can also deaden sounds very well. Such ceilings promote perfect sound insulation and comfortable stay. So, it is not necessary to save on ceiling materials while building or repairing your apartment.