Guppy Fish – the most common aquarium fish in Russia, they are especially suitable for beginners due to its unpretentiousness to conditions of detention and high fertility. In addition, these fish have a beautiful color, especially males. Of course, this article will be of interest only to those who are going to acquire their first aquarium. Those who already have an aquarium can stop reading, because, most likely you already have experience with these fish.

The appearance of fish guppy

Guppies – fish family of Petsilid toothcarps squad. The length of the male in the wild reaches 3 cm, females up to 6 cm. Aquarium forms of Guppy male are to 4.5 cm, the female up to 7 cm. The body of the male is elongated, slender, slightly compacted laterally. Pedigree aquarium individual males have long fins, the color is mainly bright. Males have a special organ – gonopodium – anal fin of elongated form. The male natural form olive-gray with iridescent dots and spots, female – gray with greenish or bluish tint. The body of the female is also elongated, with a sealed rear, with enlarged abdomen, in the anal area is visible eggs. Fins are always smaller than the males.

Types of guppy

Among the forms of aquarium Guppy is found a great many varieties of fish, different sizes of fins and painting. During the long years of selection is derived 13 forms of Guppy differing size and shape of the caudal fin. It roundtailed, flagtailed, needletailed, spadetailed, speartailed, “lower sword”, “Upper sword”, “double sword”, Lyrebird, skirt or valetailed, fantailed sharp-angled, fantailed edged and fantailed.


Guppy Fish because of its unpretentiousness and beautiful color became ideal fish for beginners aquarists. In particular, they will go to the aquarium for children. Therefore, if your children ask you to buy them aquarium Guppy are one of those fish that can be taken in such a tank. Only later, if your child is interested in aquarium, learn to care for it, then you can move on to other fish. Guppy Fish are interesting and beacause of the fact that breed well, especially if your aquarium is densely planted with plants. It will take very little time and you will see the small fry hiding in thickets of plants.


About this fish I can write a very long time, certainly in this article we have said not everything about it (and it is hardly possible in one article). Fish is really – unique and legendary! And you definitely will not regret having got it in your aquarium. Good Luck To You!