Crocodiles are – predatory exotic reptile. In our latitudes, they can be found only in zoos. Therefore, we have collected the most interesting facts about crocodiles in one article.

  1. Approximately 250 million years ago on Earth appeared the first crocodiles. Unusual is that at land was their habitats. Then they gradually shifted to the semi-aquatic life.
  2. The largest crocodile is the saltwater crocodile, or Crocodylus porosus. The length of this creature can reach seven meters and a weight of a ton.
  3. Hatched crocodile is three times longer than its eggs.
  4. The speed of crocodiles swimming is 40 kilometers per hour. They run even less – up to 11 kilometers per hour over short distances.
  5. In jaws of crocodiles there are from 64 to 70 teeth. Teeth change up to a hundred times in life. The jaws of a crocodile can link up with incredible force.
  6. To help his stomach to cope with the large pieces of food, crocodiles swallow stones. Furthermore, these boulders play a role of ballast to get to depth.
  7. The male crocodile may have up to twelve females. He often calls his harem to assist in cutting a large carcass of prey.
  8. On average, crocodiles live up to 50 years. But there are also long-lived in the age 110 years.
  9. Interesting facts about crocodiles also touch their skin. It is considered one of the best and thus – expensive materials for the manufacture of fancy goods. Did you know that for a handbag, gloves, belts, shoes is suitable only mild skin from the belly of a crocodile? The rest is unsuitable because it is more rigid and tough.
  10. In the blood of crocodiles there is a substance, a natural antibiotic (krokodilin), which prevents the festering wounds and inflammation of the skin.
  11. Osteolaemus tetraspis – is the smallest dwarf species of crocodiles, whose adults barely reach two meters. In addition, it is a land crocodile
  12. For one time the crocodile may eat a portion of food, the weight of which is 23% of the weight of him. However, 60% of food is processed into oil. These reserves allow crocodiles to starve for a long time without compromising their health.
  13. The term “crocodile” in Greek language means “stone worm.”
  14. On the tongue of crocodiles there are salt glands, through which output an excess of salt water from their body.
  15. Crocodiles are not trainable. However, in Burkina Faso in Africa it is a pond with a tame crocodiles. They are fed by locals for what reptiles allow to touch their tails. On these crocodiles you can even ride. Naturally, such an attraction tourists do not miss!