The African elephant is the biggest of mammals that inhabit the Earth. How much strength and power collected in this animal! Even more interesting facts about elephants, you can learn from this article.

  1. The most important difference from the female of the Indian elephants of males – is the lack of tusks.
  2. The size of the tusks of elephants – it is a genetic trait. Elephant with very large tusks in our time does not exist. Many thousands of years ago, they were killed by hunters. Tusks of elephants in the modern animal world – small or non-existent. One third of their length is hidden in the skull.
  3. Elephants, like people, can be right-handed and left-handed. Only, instead of hands, they are distinguished by tusks.
  4. The average amount of food an elephant eats for a day, is 300 kilograms.
  5. In the elephant’s trunk can fit about 8 liters of water.
  6. When a herd of elephants coming famine, all the animals apart and eat separately.
  7. The leader of the herd of elephants, in most cases, are the female elephants.
  8. Meeting elephants greet each other a special ritual: they entwine trunks.
  9. Elephants – very friendly animals. In addition to the welcome at the meeting, they help small elephants. As a child of man holds hands of mother and baby elephant holds a trunk of the frmale elephant. If the elephant from herds see that baby elephant slipped, he immediately helps him.
  10. These animals are sad, if in their herd is something wrong and rejoice, for example, if the elephant is born. Elephants are able to even smile.
  11. Communicate elephants together at very low frequencies that are inaudible to man. This allows them to talk at a distance of several kilometers.
  12. Not only ears allow elephants to hear. Catching ultra-low noise, they may even with legs.
  13. Did you know that a 30-pound elephant’s heart beats about 30 beats per minute? For comparison, the heart of a healthy adult makes 70 strokes over the same period of time.