Leo since immemorial times has been synonymous with strength, power and courage and bravery. Because of this, among people rooted sayings, “as strong as a lion” or “lion’s heart.” In ancient Egypt, the lion was considered a sacred animal. It should be noted the interesting fact that in Europe, too, lions lived about 500 AD until they were all destroyed. Lion – is a beast that is dangerous for animals and humans. In the Middle Ages, many royal courts were decorated with hcoat of arms depicting a lion, in order to show power, authority and power.

We decided to collect for you some interesting facts about lions, to show once again how interestig and scary lion is.

  • In addition to the nose, lions like all cats can pick up odors with the help of so-called “tube Jacobson”, located on the upper palate behind the front incisors. Lions use them when fully focus on some particularly interesting smell, sucking in air, slightly raising the upper lip and nose.
  • The muzzle of a lion is like a human fingerprint. There are no two lions with the same muzzle.
  • The claws of a lion can reach a length – 7 cm.
  • An adult lion has 30 teeth. Specific sign is also four nipples in females.
  • Despite the huge teeth, lions do not really chew food. Instead they ingest large pieces of meat, using only one side of the jaw.
  • Night vision of lion is six times better than human`s.
  • The smallest heart from all predators have … the lion.
  • Adult lion roar so loud that you can hear at a distance of 8 kilometers
  • At the age of 2 years lions cannot roar
  • If a lion is full, animals that he hunts, can walk beside him, without worrying for their lives.
  • Most man-eating lions – are young males in good physical shape. Until now it was thought that only sick or wounded lion attacks on humans and pets because it can not catch up with the fleet-sacrifice such as zebra or gazelle.
  • Puberty male lion reaches at 5 years, and females at age of 4. But after that they continue to grow in size – typically up to six years. Lions breed year-round, but the peak is in the rainy season. In non-pregnant females in heat estrus begins only in 16 days after the end of the previous one.
  • Polygamous not only males but also females usually occurs as a pairing with a male-dominant, and the other lions of the pride.
  • Lion mates 672 per week
  • In the mating season, the male lion mates every 15 minutes for two weeks in a row.
  • Newborn cubs weigh only 1-2 kg. On the 11th day they open their eyes, and on the 15th start walking. On the skin of young cubs there are dark spots, which then disappear.
  • Lion cubs are fed with milk along with his mother all lactating lioness.
  • Lionesses live longer, as the old lions usually expels or pride or the other, more powerful male. In nature, they live on the average 14 to 16 years (up to 18 years in the Serengeti), and males rarely reach 11 years, but you can find more old lion (under 16 years). The average life expectancy of lions in captivity – 13 years.