Bedroom is the intimate room where we try to have a rest and hide from the bustle of the modern world. Here you must feel as much protected as possible and wake up in a good temper.

Bedroom decorating ideas

This room should be filled with air and the quietest in the house. The most important object of this room is large and comfortable bed. It must be chosen according to the general style of the room. The big soft carpet always adds comfort. The bedside table, where the house owners can put their accessories, won’t be out of place. The night-light must be placed so that it can be switched off without getting out of the bed. If the bedroom is designed in aristocratic style, you can decorate the bed with the fashionable canopies, able to adding luxury and fairy-tale elements. Dressing table, poufs and lamp are the minimal set for the finished interior.

Bedroom walls decorating

Mostly, the walls of this room are painted pastel. The soft plastering texture or the beige, olive, peach, tender blue or light green wallpaper are the most suitable elements for the decoration of your bedroom. The big bright wall compositions usually begin to irritate after a while. The elements of bedroom decoration can be of deeper colors as well. The decorative bedspreads, mirrors, cushions, vases and candlestick can add coziness to the accommodation. But they should match the style of the room, so that they go well together.

Bedroom window decoration

With the help of elegant curtains, you can not only hide the ugly view of the yard, but also emphasize the style of your bedroom, making it even more comfortable. For the sunlight protection, choose the thick heavy curtains out of velvet or brocade. But make sure that they blend with the rest of décor and match its style. For the classic style, choose the folded curtains and the drapery in the form of garlands. But if the owner prefers minimalism, it is better to buy a roll curtain. The curtains with beautiful lambrequins are also very popular. Not less practical options are the bamboo, Roman, Japanese curtains, etc. The light colors, such as: white-pink, milky, light blue or sand will increase the space of the small bedroom. If you want to add the room peaceful atmosphere, choose green. Blue can give the bedroom some coolness. The main thing is that the decoration of your bedroom put you in a good humor and delights your eyes for long.