Trends in the design of houses change every year, they bring certain colors, textures and objects. 2014 also brought in the home interior design of many novelties and trends, what are notable with their liveliness and freshness.

Natural materials are again in vogue. Light, honey-coloured wooden details became obvious favorite in the home interior design. Especially is popular the texture of untreated wood, which is unusually decorates the design of apartments.

Certainly, now blue and green are at the peak of popularity. Various shades of these colors you can use in finishing of upholstered furniture, cushions, accessories and walls. These calm, cool, soothing colors focused on work and reflection. In addition, they give airiness and lightness to the room, to create an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

Stylish details with motives of mysterious exotic places brighten up any interior design of apartments. This year carpets, pillows, kitchen utensils, blankets and fabrics with ethnic patterns are not only a popular brand, but also the element of expression. According to experts, such unordinary accessories can dilute even the most banal and boring design of apartments.

Another striking trend of 2014 is mirrors and reflective surfaces. On the peak of popularity glass ceiling chandeliers and lamps are, photo frames with mirror baguette, glass in the design of countertops and coffee tables. Every design can get a perfect complement – a huge mirror in a beautiful frame in all growth. It visually extends the space and increases the natural light.