Businessman who  resided in Canada decided to use heat from the mining of Bitcoins for his activities, and he grows fish and plants. Thus, the necessary temperature for the hydroponic system will be maintained.

It’s about the businessman from Manitoba, Bruce Hardy, who developed a system for processing heat, which is released during the work of mining equipment. Thanks to the development of the Canadian, it is directed to the cultivation of fish and plants. There are thirty mining installations have Hardy in possessions that located in his house, the total area of ​​which is 1858 square meters. The businessman lives in the province of Manitoba, in the rural municipality of St. Francois Xavier. All the heat that is released during the work of the mining facilities is transferred to the greenhouse, where different plants grow, and there is also fish.

Speaking about fish, it lives in a large aquarium, where there are about 800 specimens of arctic  char. A large number of fish enriches the water with nitrates, which Hardy then directs to the plants, because of what they grow well. An enterprising Canadian grows basil, salad, grows barley on his plot, the latter goes to feed fish, thereby producing a closed production cycle. And a special place in this cycle is the heat received from mining.

An important point is that Hardy except business is the president of the Myera Group. This company has the main task to create sustainable, as well as innovative systems for food production. As reported the businessman, he has been engaged in mining of Bitcoins for almost two years. In the process of this activity, he noted the issue of obtaining a large amount of heat, which at first was simply thrown into the environment, and now it benefits.


Duane Clar supports this project, he holds the post of head of the municipality. In particular, he noted that such technological processes can and should be used for the benefit and for the actual production of physical products, including food.

Speaking directly about Hardy himself, he says that his project has a socially useful side.

“Thanks to the revenues received from Bitcoins, I have the opportunity not only to create such a demonstration, but also I pay salaries to the staff, well, do not forget about the system of agriculture that works,” the businessman said.

The Canadian businessman noted that today his project is only making steps, that this project is only has an embryonic state. Hardy has all the mining equipment on the second floor of the house, where it occupies only a quarter of the area. The Canadian said that Australian researchers and Canadian investors were interested in his development. In the businessman’s plans to expand the amount of equipment, as well as places for growing plants, so that it completely filled the second floor.

In general, it is worth noting that the province of Manitoba in Canada has long been interested in companies engaged in mining, as there are many hydroelectric power stations that produce cheap electricity. This is one of the strategic assets that can offer potential investors, producers for the province. It can be used to implement a variety of projects in the territory of Manitoba.

But cheap electricity is not the only “counter” in Manitoba – this is one of the places in Canada, where the lowest temperatures among cities located on the territory of North America. This cannot but interest the mining companies, which are now beginning to gradually withdraw from the Chinese market, where to this day there is a certain ambiguity with the crypto currency.