Yamamoto had just reported at the end of last month that he was suffering from cancer. Strong spirit of Yamamoto made him use all his energy to battle the disease. Moreover, he wished to come back to MMA if he could win the greatest battle of his life. Unfortunately, the star lost that fight.

Kid Yamamoto was born in 1977 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Few would have imagined that Norifumi Yamamoto would turn into a legend of MMA. But this is precisely what occurred and the Japanese mixed martial arts scene has become even due his success. The man who would soon be known under the pseudonym Kid Yamamoto his career in the mixed martial arts at the beginning of 2000s, after defeating Masato Shiozawa.


Yamamoto had to enter lightweight section of K-1 and its parent enterprise Hero’s. At 5’4, Yamamoto was obviously short for the section. However, he made it to be the 2005 Hero’s Middleweight (75 kg) Grand Prix winner. It is impossible to forget the amazing 4-second knockout that Yamamoto brought to Kazuyuki Miyata in spring 2006.

Following is a condolence on the death of Yamamoto from the official Twitter account of KRAZY BEE:

“Yamamoto Kid (41) to all those who supported Yamamoto Kid, he died today on September 18th. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the fans.
Moreover, I ask you to abstain from interviewing the Yamamoto family and friends for a while.

We all offer our condolences to the relatives and friends of Kid Yamamoto.