Happy owners of their own cottages and luxury Kerala Style Courtyard Houses have an opportunity to be outdoors all the time, and it is especially important in the warm season.

You should use the available space with the maximum advantage for yourself. No, we do not agitate you to plant the territory of the courtyard with tomatoes or sunflowers. We just offer you to equip it to make it be pleasant for you in every respect.

There are a lot of options for design. Courtyards were originally called patios (now this name is also applicable). Let’s start with the classic style and then consider the Moroccan style. It is characterized by arches, ceramic tiles in oriental style with color intricate patterns, a riot of greenery and colors. This courtyard will surely appeal to those who want everything to be colorful and multi-faceted. A patio in Moroccan style will astound our imagination with its color. Orange, blue, green, red – these rich colors form the basis for the design of the patio.

When we talk about the design of a patio, then we primarily mean its landscape design, because the other types of decoration are similar.

The presence of flowers distinguishes a typical patio from modern designs that are more prone to minimalism, monotony of greenery and tranquility in all manifestations. Classic patios can hardly be called “calm”. The riot of colors is manifested not only in the decoration, but also in the many colors that literally permeate the patio. You should pay attention to the modern courtyards. As we have already said, great attention is paid to unity and calmness. A classic patio is notable for the presence of fountains, spray from which fly in all directions, and the sound of water is heard long before approaching the fountain. However, modern courtyards are characterized by peacefully murmuring streams or artificial ponds, over which ferns and other non-flowering plants grow. A contemporary design is targeted at harmony and unity. The design of a patio is based on ceramics, and a new style is notable for glass, wood and metal.

A patio can be equipped with a breakfast table, comfortable armchairs, a sofa or a hammock. You can also place almost any furniture that will bring you a certain level of comfort.