Presentable country house like cottage, villa or mansion requires luxurious front door, which will be an important element of interior. Before entering your house, the guests can make an idea of the welfare and preferences of its owner by the interior of the whole country complex. Therefore, luxury building needs the door with a unique and impressive design.

Small country house can be decorated with a high-quality single leaf door. In this case, you can achieve originality of Kerala Style House Front Door Design through a successful combination of the most expensive finishing materials. Experienced designers can create a real masterpiece with solid oak finishing, colored stained glass and intricate carving. Each element of the luxury product can be made to order (up to the handles or doorknockers).

While single leaf front doors of the country house are more suitable for the typical apertures, double-leaf structures are recommended for the wide openings.

Their clear advantage over the first option is major opportunity for the demonstration of design art. This is because the presence of two flaps allows you to additionally play with symmetry, creating fancy patterns and combinations. From a practical standpoint, this door is good for receiving a large number of guests. Opening both flaps allows people to quickly move from the house to the street and back.

From the design standpoint, entrance groups are of particular interest. While the metal front door to the apartment is usually cramped and can’t be embodied in the form of entrance groups, here such restrictions don’t exist. These are the whole door complexes, which have not only one or two flaps, but also a portal. The latter represents some kind of finished frame with elegant sidewalls and arched element on top.