The appearance of the building can tell many interesting things about its owners. It reflects the unique taste of its residents. Desiring to achieve individuality, presentability and originality of the house and looking for suitable photos and ideas of Kerala Style House Painting Design from the outside, people start to study the fashion magazines, where they can borrow an interesting solution. Often, the real picture doesn’t turn out the way you planned, or the façade of the house depresses its owners. What to do then?

To make your house shine and please the eye, attracting the admiration of others, you should follow a few ground rules of painting the house exterior.

Ornaments on the external facing of the house can be a stylish solution that will complement almost any basic color. They will give a special charm, local color and originality to building.

Highlight of separate decoration elements on the facade with contrasting colors will look particularly effective. These include cornices, windows and their slopes, doors, drainpipes and roof. Your house will never be boring, dull and uninteresting if it’s colored. Often, the charm and elegance of building is in the details.