It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make your house cozy. Try to make some efforts, use your imagination, apply a creative approach, and create paradise with your own hands without financial costs.

If you want to decorate Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs, you can use the services of a specialist or follow the tips that will help you to achieve the maximum effect in updating your home. A tastefully designed house will please the owners, and make guests admire its warmth and comfort.

Clean walls without much decor

Try to clean the walls from wallpaper almost to concrete or brick. Rough and uneven surfaces of masonry joints can become a distinctive feature of the room, creating a special style. Such an original way of finishing can often be modified by repainting the surface of the walls in any color with the help of water-emulsion paint.

Cleaning space from cables

Today, every house is stuffed with modern technology, which is installed after the completion of all repairs.
The cables running through all the rooms create a feeling of disorder. It is not difficult to deal with them. You can hide them:

  • with the help of plants. Cable from wall to TV can be closed with branches of high dracaena, trudging along the walls etc. Cables can be also decorated with artificial plants;
  • with the help of furniture. Make the arrangement of the cabinet, sofa, table or chest of drawers so that the furniture will cover the cable laid around the house;
  • with the help of laying the cables at the doors and architraves.

Use books as decoration elements

A very interesting solution for the arrangement of the house with cheap and original ideas will be the use of books in its decoration. You can make a stand for a coffee table or a shelf on the wall. If you have got a lot of magazines, they will successfully serve as a soft chair.

Open bookshelves can be decorated with books, if you make binding of the same color with your own hands for each of them.

You may also decorate the fragments of the walls with books. It will look originally.K

Embody design ideas in decorating the house with taste, cheaply and interestingly. Borrow something from others and make your home comfortable and convenient with minimal cost.