A presentable house with a size up 800 Sq Ft. gives the impression of a solid and reliable cottage for a family. Neutral tones used for decoration are popular all over the world. Decorating the second floor, you can pay attention to the color of the roof, creating a single image of Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft. There are huge full-height room windows that give the rooms a sufficient amount of sunlight and make them cozy and bright.


The first floor includes only the rooms where the family gathers together. Almost twenty square meters of garage will cope with the placement of an executive car. There is a place for the workshop on its territory. A close proximity to the garage area is convenient to perform all maintenance work.

The living room is combined with the dining room. The fireplace, which combines these two rooms, creates a warm atmosphere in the house. The kitchen is assigned to the corner part, its semi-closeness protects the hostess at the time of cooking from outside attention, while allows her to serve the tables in the shortest time intervals so that guests will not wait and will feel comfortable at home.

Three bedrooms are on the second floor. Additional conveniences are created due to the expense of common rooms: a bathroom and a wardrobe.