A feature of a one-storey residential building built of wood is an abundance of wood and open space. Large windows like in Kerala Style Single Story House Photos let in streams of the sun that promote creation of good joyful mood. Rich colors of the wood used in the construction of the walls of the house in the background of white and gray smooth textured surfaces only benefit from this neighborhood.
At the central entrance, the guests are greeted by elegant veranda framed by columns. This area is easily placed with furniture for rest and eating. The hosts have an opportunity to arrange small receptions and relax under the scattered sunlight.

The reception area is separated from the private areas. It includes a dining room, kitchen and living room, connected together due to the absence of dividing walls. The fireplace warms the room and creates a warm atmosphere.

Three comfortable bedrooms allow family members to relax. They are not too different in size, which puts the residents of the house in almost the same conditions.

A spacious garage of more than 35 m2 can accommodate two vehicles. The nearby room can be used as a workshop. The layout provides a sufficient number of dressing rooms and storerooms to hide food supplies, household appliances and equipment. The advantages of a one-storey house, made according to your project, is always beneficial for your family.