Long gone are days of hung out to dry nappies. Doctors initially gave the green light to a wide diapering, and then it was canceled altogether. In fact, giving permission and for mothers, and for designers on special children fashion.

For children’s clothing there are not so many requirements than for children’s shoes. By following them, you can always choose the right outfit for your princess or prince.


First rule: children’s clothing should be made of natural fabrics.

If it is winter, it is permissible to put some absolutely magnificent synthetic outfit on natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics often look more beautiful than natural ones. And they are often significantly cheaper. But it was natural fabrics that let the child’s body to “breathe” and help the imperfect system of thermoregulation.


From the first days of life can be put on the baby jeans or dress with mini-corset. But why to pinch gentle child`s body with laces, buttons, locks? All that he will have in large amounts, but later. The first six months, choose a soft, loose clothes without drawstrings. This is especially true of drawstrings on the throat (risk of suffocation) and clothing in which baby will sleep. Clothes should not hamper the movements of the child.


Maybe it will surprise you, but children from birth have color preferences. And boys and girls are different! Common to all children is a dislike for dark colors. Generally susceptibility to color of children is higher than of adults. Even a year-old baby may refuse to carry the thing that he does not like in color. According to psychologists, bright colors cheer up. In general, a child’s choice of clothing color coincides with his temperament.


As a rule, in the first three months of life, full-term babies are more or less “standard”. You just go to the store and buy those things where is specified age or a child’s growth. In the future, there are simple rules. When buying clothes for growth look at the child how will look like pants or a jacket with trousers or rolled up sleeves, respectively. The permissible deviation of the growth of the child is considered by labeling things for a couple of centimeters in one direction or another. To easure the child if he is not a walker shopping, this is the easiest way. Put him back to the wall and making a mark in relation to its height (in this case, you can use a thick book), measure the distance to the floor with usual measuring tape.

The amount of clothes.

In the fall and winter for sedentary kids is acting a simple rule: how to layer plus one. Standard blanket in the stroller is not included in the concept of “one layer”. If you are a sling-mother (or plan to be it), wear a baby under your jacket as a blanket. In spring baby is dressed like yourself. During summer heat baby are dressed often even better than yourself, because overheating for the baby remains even worse than hypothermia.