Children’s room is a room, which design should be considered very carefully, because it is in your power to create a real fairy tale for the child, while being guided by his or her preferences and desires. Of course, you can simply choose a neutral wallpaper and ordinary furniture, but if your child’s room will look like thousands of others, left with no personality.


Children’s room for the toddlers is made, of course, in accordance with the preferences of the parents. Soft and warm colors are the best things for it and furnishings should be made of environmentally friendly materials. Most often, at the room for newborn there is a crib, playpen, chest of drawers for storage, changing table and chair-transformer. For mothers convenient frameless chair can be provided.

Room of preschool and primary school kid should be not only beautiful, but also give him or her opportunity to grow, to do sport, to play. There is a place now not only for calm tones, but for the bright and vivid colors too, the main thing is that they do not irritate the child.
Transformer bed will replace the usual ones; chairs can be replaced with comfortable ottomans or frameless furniture, to separate out the special zone for games and sports.

No less grateful theme is an underwater world, it is one of the species of marine styling, but for the visitors there should be arisen the sensation that he or she has accidentally fell into the abode of Poseidon. The main colors are white, blue, light blue, accents of bright colors are possible. Pay attention to the decor: for this purpose stencil patterns are well suited, as well as all kinds of stickers and wallpapers with thematic images, souvenirs brought back from faraway places, cushions in the shape of an octopus, fish, sea stars, and so on.

Another unusual variant is a tree house. However, it will be placed not in the courtyard, but at the usual city apartment. It can be placed in the playing area, your child will certainly like that kind of sanctuary.

Eco theme fits well into the interior of a child’s room too. When turning a room into a real fairy-tale forest, it is very important to choose the right decor – it should be combined with furniture (of course, it must be wooden, stylized). The desired colors are all shades of green, yellow, sand, brown, light blue.

You can turn the room into a mini-dollhouse: pastel shades, plenty of pillows, frills, lightweight fabrics, beautiful dolls and toys will do the trick.

Even small items such as beds or unusual beautiful mural on the wall make the room personal and surprisingly sweet.
Interesting themes are jungle, space, sports, fairy tales, movies, nature, different era, vintage, and so on. Communicate with your child, consult, involve them in the selection of accessories, and even the decor can make with your own hands! Joint design of the room to get closer parents and child, and the crumb will get its individual space, the house of his or her dreams!