When it comes to standard apartments, unfortunately, in most cases they cannot boast huge spaces, so when choosing furniture emphasis is made on compactness and versatility. But even at the apartments of improved construction and private homes, the owners tend to rational use of space. You would agree that no one wants to clutter up the room a lot of furniture – space today is considered as one of the advantages of a modern interior. In these boxes, you can keep children’s clothes, bedding and kid stuff. When choosing a bed, pay attention to the fact that the storage would be higher off the floor, and there is an opportunity to clean under the bed.

The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the design features of a bed with drawers. Going to the store to buy a bed, you should be aware that storage can be fixed to rails and without them. And here the choice will depend on what you plan to store in a drawer under the bed. If you have to define exactly what you see, respectively, the size of these items and will choose how many and what sizes should be those boxes. The next important point is the aesthetic design of the bed with storage space. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the model, where the boxes will be hidden visually and the stranger would not even guess about them. Basically for it a flip panel is used, behind which drawers are hidden. It is made from the same material as the rest of the bed body; therefore when it is lowered it looks completely harmonious.

A children’s bed with drawers is a separate matter. There drawers themselves can become part of the decor. In addition, it is recommended to purchase such furniture in the nursery complex, i.e., bed with drawers, wardrobe, desk, shelves, etc. They must be made in the same style. This will help to achieve harmony.

Children’s furniture gives a lot more freedom for the implementation of the most unexpected design ideas, and its functionality can significantly expand. In particular, the bed can become a staging area for children to play. Everyone knows kids love to sleep on the top tier of bunk beds. But even if your family has one child, this does not mean that you cannot give him such pleasure. You may well choose a high bed model with drawers where lifting is provided by the bed ladder and the lower part of the structure is a kind of symbiosis of a chest with multiple drawers and furniture wall-hill with shelves for useful things and toys. If the child is still quite small, the bed is equipped with such a rim, which can later be removed.

When choosing a baby crib, special attention should be paid to the materials, from which it is made. Worldwide, wood is considered as the best natural material. Natural wood is harmless to the child. Wood is easy to clean, and you can without much difficulty to keep the crib clean. Note that some models may contain items from high-impact polystyrene or plastic, but there shouldn’t be too many of them.