Today, there are a lot of sets of kitchen knives at the shops and stores. So what are we looking at when choosing such an important set for the kitchen?

There are a number of features that are worth paying attention to. For example, all compounds of the knife must be perfectly adjusted with the handle. There should be no nicks, cracks. No honest manufacturer, aimed at a permanent job, will tolerate this. Stamp on the knife not only has to be, it should be clear, with no “bald spots”, it has to be written correctly.

Generally the blades are made of:

  • Carbon steel: such knives keep rake well, but require a very careful treatment due to the fact that they are very susceptible to corrosion. They cannot be left wet and dirty for a long time; you cannot cut the products with aggressive medium (e.g. lemons).
  • Stainless steel: keep rake not very well, but are not subject to corrosion. Almost always, kitchen knives are made from a mixture of carbon and stainless steel.
  • Ceramics: keep rake well, do not corrode, but … they can be broken. In the truest sense of the word.


And here comes the fun part. You can buy a set of 5 or 8 knives. Of course you’d prefer 8-knives, because it has more items. And nobody thinks that in most cases, half of these 8 knives will stand for whole their lives in the stand. It is therefore you should first determine for what purpose you need them.

Chef Knife

Massive, heavy knife with a wide blade and centered point. It is useful when you want to perform a “voluminous work”: to cut a large piece of meat, to butch poultry, to chop cabbage or lots of greenery.

Bread knife

This knife has a long blade with a wavy cutting edge. The blade of the saw will not break a hard crust and crumple a crumb.

Utility knife

Its name speaks for itself. It can be almost any length, and with a knife by a narrow blade and a raised edge. From chef knife it differs that it is not such massive and thus more suitable for daily use.

Knife for meat

This knife is a long, rigid blade with a sharp centered point. It is making it easy to separate not only the meat from the bones and veins, but also to cut chicken or fish.

Fillet knife

Many manufacturers of utensils for the kitchen call it carving. The blade of the knife is long, narrow. The small width of the blade allows to cut products without fear of trapping and crushing. It is used where precise and clean cut are needed.

Vegetable knife

Small rigid blade is very convenient for cleaning and cutting, creating decorations from fruits and vegetables.


This kind of knife is a broad, heavy, thick blade tip, which looks down. This knife can cut frozen meat, cut the tendon and bone.
Cooking at the kitchen is much easier with a set of knives. The main thing that it would be of high quality.