As we know, kitchen is a special room in our houses. For this reason, kitchen rugs should be multi-functional. They must have certain characteristics that other mats do not usually possess. The following notes are based on these qualities. After reading them, you will know what rugs and where should be put in your kitchen near work areas:

  • opposite the sink;
  • opposite the kitchen island;
  • opposite the refrigerator

With kitchen rug you can:

  • Bring warmth, color and mood for your kitchen;
  • Hide unsightly elements of floor, if any of them is present;
  • Diversify the flooring decor.
  • To keep the flooring in good condition, protecting it from damage and scratches;
  • Reduce the likelihood of breaking the glass things if they fall;
  • Do your work in the kitchen more enjoyable, feeling warm and soft cover underfoot.

What qualities kitchen mats must have

  1. Choose rugs for the kitchen, which are resistant to heavy use. The kitchen is the most visited place; there are always the most people and the maximum movement.
  2. Kitchen rugs should also be resistant to water and dirt. It is natural that the kitchen always accumulates more dirt in the cooking process, as well as moisture due to washing dishes.
  3. Another important requirement is resistance of kitchen mats to high temperatures, especially to the ignition temperature. There is always the chance of accidentally hitting the hot liquid from the pan to the floor and your carpet is to be ready for it.
  4. Cleaning mats should not cause any difficulties for you; the best option is if they are not afraid to be machine washed. A stain on carpets is only a matter of time. Especially the issue of pollution is relevant if there is an access from the kitchen to the courtyard.
    If you put it on the kitchen floor rugs that meet the above recommendations, you can use them again and again, sometimes washing in a machine.
  5. Kitchen mats should be thick. The thickness depends on the number of strands and on how closely they are intertwined. It is better if the filaments are short, then the mat will have a tighter wave.
  6. Choose kitchen mats with non-slip backing. Then, you will be more confident to stand on it without fear of slipping.

Materials for kitchen rugs

Keep an eye on the carpets made of the following materials:

  • Wool;
  • Nylon;
  • Polypropylene.

These materials have the following qualities:

  • Strong and flexible;
  • Resistant to water;
  • Easy to clean;
  • A little worn out.

Wool is a soft and luxurious natural material (this is the gold standard against which other materials are tried on). It is resistant to fire and mutes the sound well. Combined with nylon, you can find it in different colors.

Select all these options of rugs so that they harmonize with the overall style of the kitchen. If your kitchen (floor, walls, kitchen furniture) already has one shade, choose a rug with a monotonous style. If your kitchen is dominated by deep colors, use rugs with geometric figures.