Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. For each family kitchen it is a special place, so a comfort there should be special.
During the preparation of different dishes the chef has to wipe his hands permanently, wipe the dishes, take hot pots and more. Therefore, there is no kitchen without towels. Yes, besides, towel in the kitchen also can play a decorative role, complementing the interior of the room, giving it a significant tone. It is most convenient for the hostess, when there is not one towel at her garderobe, but the full set, each element of which will be designed for specific purposes.

The shape, size and sets of kitchen towels


Towel kitchen should not be very large, and napkins should be even smaller.

Large products are difficult to wash and dry them for a long time, and towels that are used in the cooking process, quickly get dirty and need a constant change. There are various forms of kitchen towels: square, rectangular and round. Rectangular and square 30×50, 35×70 and 40×60 in size crockery items are very handy for wiping.

The small size allow these towels to wipe the plate with a spoon and easy to wipe the glass, and they will dry better than larger items. Round towels are often used as a decorative element and crafts, especially if their design and colors are in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen. Moreover, they can be used as textile wipes for guests. Besides products of size 50х50 or 70 cm in diameter round towels can serve as sticking to hot dishes.

Hand towel changes less often than dish towel, so you can choose bigger size: 45×70, 50×90 or 50×70.

The kitchen also cannot be without napkins. Small napkins 20×20 or 30×30 in size are perfect for the table.

Selection of kitchen towels material


Choosing kitchen towels you need to initially pay attention to their fabric, which should be only natural. Thus towels must have high hygroscopicity and be painted with safe, resistant dye. After all, in the course of their use it is necessary not only to wipe the hands and dishes, but also fruits and vegetables to the table.

Selection of kitchen towels in color and design

Selecting a kitchen towel of suitable material and size is easy. Much more difficult is to identify correctly the color of product. Bright towels and napkins of white, gray, yellow, beige and brown colors will look great in the kitchen with woodgrain interior. For a white kitchen light gray or blue kitchen towels are more suitable. But as a bright accent, you can use the multi-colored towels of luscious shades.