It is hard to imagine a kitchen without a knife. With a knife, we clean, slice, cut, flip, scrape, carve, etc. If the knife is sharp, then the work goes faster. With a sharp knife you can slice bread, without crumpling and crushing it, with a sharp knife you can cut soft tomatoes without crushing them, with a sharp knife everything will be sliced neater and faster.

Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric sharpener is a device for sharpening knives, which runs from the power supply. In a professional environment that requires a frequent sharpening of a large number of knives, sharpeners have a great popularity. For home use, such sharpeners are purchased less often.
By cons of electric sharpeners a constant demand for electricity can be mentioned. You cannot sharpen a knife with the help of it in nature or at the summer cottage, which is not supplied with electricity. The advantages include low weight and small volume.

Electric sharpeners are divided into professional ones and ones for household use, the latter variant is preferable for home use. These sharpeners are powered by voltage of 220V. They are equipped with a switch mode, so you can sharpen a dull knife or simply erode (polish) a sharp one. Polishing is carried out for knifes with sharp blades to keep them in working conditions. If you make regular polishing, you can avoid the extra sharpening of the knives.

Manual Sharpener

Hand-held sharpeners are very popular among housewives because you can sharpen your knife by this device quickly, and most importantly – on your own. Such a tool is very simple to use and requires no additional configuration. It can be used at any time and any condition, it is lightweight, does not require a lot of storage space, and its price will please you.

If you use several knives and you are not a professional chef, we advise you to choose the manual sharpener. If your work is directly related to cooking, you use a large number of knives and sharpening takes a lot of time, it is better to buy an electric sharpener.

Diamond is the hardest material used as an abrasive for knives sharpening. If the machine is coated with diamond grit, the speed of sharpening a knife is increased by a factor of several times, but it does not provide a flatness and smoothness of sharpened material. Besides grinding with a diamond coating are expensive.

Ceramics also has enough toughness to be material for the abrasive. Ceramic abrasive sharpeners are cheaper than the diamond ones, and at work, they provide a smooth surface. Unfortunately, the speed of the sharpening is much lower, so the stones with ceramic abrasive more often are used for finishing the metal to perfection.

Natural stones as an abrasive agent were used even by primitive people.

The best known are microcrystalline quartz and silicon crystals, which are interconnected with clay.

One of the disadvantage of such abrasives is uneven sharpening.